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Viewpoint bank is a new generation bank, a community bank, created in 1952, in Texas area. Today, it is in the list with one of the biggest financial institutions in the world. Please login now to discover more about the services we are offering to our customers and create your account to have the possibility to manage all your bank accounts. Viewpoint bank has several branches but the main one is on Mckinney area. On the webpage you can have information about working hours of each office.

Visit our website to have all the information you need

Let’s register on the website

Login Viewpoint account

Before logging in, be sure to have sign up!

From our official website you can get all the information you need and find the response to your questions. is the online community bank having the knowledge and the resources you need and you expect from any bank in the world. For that you need to log in your personal account. Before that, you have to register in our customer database.

Before register yourself

To have an access to the banking account, you first need to have an account in Viewpoint bank. This is easy to do and you should only follow the steps enumerated on the site. The first step is to provide some personal information:

  • First name, last name, your Social Security Number, birth date, address, phone Number and e-mail address;
  • Choose your User name and password;
  • Please do not forget to read and accept the Terms and Conditions of the service you are subscribing for
Sign up Viewpoint bank

You can access to your account after this step

Once you have provided all this information, please click on Continue in order to finalize the creation of your account. Then, in the second step, you should only confirm the previous information.

Congratulation, you have now your account in ViewPoint Banking. Once you have your account, you should know that there is a routing number that you can find on the left bottom of your balance.

Mobile app and banking access

Checking your account balance is easier than ever thanks to the mobile app of the ViewPoint Bank. Once you have downloaded the mobile application for your Smartphone, you can use the services such as:

  • Receiving and checking your statements
  • Order and re-order checks
  • Manage your bank account and your finances

Having the mobile application is the best solution for you to stay in touch with our services during the holiday hours. On the website, you can have more information about viewpoint bank and the working hours of the offices.

Viewpointbank is on the social networks

The company has social media accounts. For example you can stay updated thanks to the Facebook page and the videos available on YouTube page.

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