Michigan Talent Bank

You are living in the state of Michigan, then this is for you. Michigan Talent Bank is a specialized structure in the promotion of employment. With one click get a job.

Apply online for a job on the site Michigan Talent.

How to register his account on Michigan Talent Bank?

Michigan account

To login or to create your talent account, select the right option!

Whether you are an employer or job seeker, the procedure to register an account is almost the same on the site mtb. Indeed, to access the internet website platform, you must click on Michigan Talent website. Once the home page of the site will be displayed, you have the space and connection creation account just to top of the page under the following names:

  • Sign In
  • Create Account

Make a click on “Create account”. Once done, a small tab will be displayed and you will be asked to choose which type of account you want to create. Depending on your status made ​​a choice between:

Create mbt account

Check the box according to your choice. You need a job or a talent for your company?

  1. Job Seeker
  2. Employee

Once the choice is made, you will be carefully guided throughout the process of account creation. Then validate your form and go to your mailbox to activate the account permanently. A link will be attached to your email, do click on this link and your account will be activated.

How access to his account online after receiving his identifiers?

Sign in bank

Fill in these fields to connect to your mbt account

When the process is finished creation account, the rest is simple and easy. First, here’s how to connect to their online account on Michigan Talent. Go to the home page from the link above, make a click on “Sign In” to login. For job seekers, simply fill in the following fields:

  • E-mail address
  • Password

Your “e-mail” will serve as your username and “password” is your 4-digit PIN you have chosen during the application process online mtb. For employers, you will also have to follow the same process. However, when you first sign in, you will need to change your password. So in summary, you must click “Sign In” and enter your e-mail address and password and then follow the instructions that will be clearly presented.

An overview on the Michigan Bank and its features.

The particularity brings the mtb to its customers.

Michigan Works is the first structure in the State of Michigan to help job seekers find the perfect company for their professional projects. Indeed, it has locations throughout close to all. For you who do not know, you have your account with the ability to learn very quickly.

You can also set your account an updated resume.

Contact bank talent

Please find here how to call Michigan Talent Bank

Since the goal is to find a job, it is normal that allow you to save your resumes online so that employers can see your skills and experience in various fields. Once you have designed your resume online, you must save it in your resume builder so that it is visible to all potential employers connected to our platform.

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